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An influencer is a person who can affect the actions, behaviors and opinions of others through their blog and/or social channels.

Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that focuses on using key leaders to drive your brand’s message to the larger market. Rather than marketing directly to a large group of consumers, you instead inspire / hire / pay influencers to get out the word for you.

Influencer marketing is the concept of engaging key individuals to leverage their influence among friends and family, word-of-mouth marketing is the actual avenue by which this communication takes place.

So, almost all influencer marketing includes word-of-mouth marketing activities by its nature.

Influencer marketing campaigns can garner media attention without requiring a huge investment of resources.


92% of consumers have made a purchase after reading about a product on their favorite blog

90% of consumers trust peer recommendations. Only 33% trust ads

2 69% are likely to make a purchase if someone they follow on social media recommends a product

3 81% of marketers who have executed Influencer Marketing campaigns agree that influencer engagement is effective

Since influencer marketing is about building strong relationships, a strategy that values a mutually beneficial relationship is key. 


Social Media Crisis



Case Studies: Our campaigns.

#YourTaxis trended on Twitter, but for all the wrong reasons (or least what they had hoped for). They received a storm of criticism and bad news stories from people not only in Victoria, but nationwide. It’s a special type of screw up when you not only fail to resonate in the space you were trying to, but manage to also drag the entire industry down with you, as we witnessed in this campaign quite quickly and viscously. People started sharing their experiences ranging from refusals to accept short fares, hate speech from drivers, fare disputes & aggression, a lack of local area/directions knowledge, dirty taxis, sexual advances, and many other horror stories.

Case study 2


While a portion of your audience may include brand advocates, the large majority were once, or still are, skeptical of your messaging. That’s ultimately why you’ve set up an influencer marketing strategy in the first place.

Edelman’s 2016 Trust Barometer found that 78 percent of people look to and trust peers for their recommendations and opinions. And when your clients are in a panic, they’ll likely turn to those same people for advice before they consider listening to your company spokesperson.


Keep Damage At a Distance

While it’s certainly important to team up with top thought leaders, remember that influencers provide an opportunity to keep negative conversations away from your brand.

By monitoring what types of associations are made between your brand and the crisis at hand, you can determine what factors would help offset the conversation. Then, determine which of your influencers would align best with what you’re trying to accomplish in diverting the media’s and your audience’s attention.



Bring a New Perspective

Influencers are partners for your brand, but they are not representatives of your brand. They have their own following, interests and way with words.

As such, when they speak up for your brand, they inject a new, credible perspective into the unfolding situation. Encourage them to be the thought leader of the event and provide your message points so they’re aware of how you’re hoping to resolve the situation.



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